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Best Wedding Planner

A wedding may be defined as a ceremony in which two people get together and unite for a life time. This mostly takes place in the presence of family members, associates and relations. Wedding ceremonies differ from individual to individual. This is because of the traditions, belief and state differ so do their wedding customs and conduct. Wedding can be generalized as an exchange of words and agreements between the duo, arrangement of gifts which may be in the form of cash, flowers etc. Well before the wedding day the preparations for the ceremony starts in full swing .This is characterized by planning for the venue of the wedding which is decided by both the bride’s and bridegroom’s folks. Marriage invitations are printed mostly which specifies the names of the bride and groom and also their parent’s name. A wedding invitation clearly specifies the date and time of the wedding and also the exact venue where the ceremony is to be held. Once the invitations are printed it is given to the friends and relatives who are being invited to take part in the happy occasion. Out of all other occasions since Wedding is considered as the most important, people tend to wear the best clothes. The couple wear special wedding attire specially designed for the occasion as it is considered as one of the greatest and most cherished moments of an individual’s life. The wedding is often followed by a reception which is hosted to entertain relatives and friends of both the families. Marriage receptions usually have music, dance, poetry, prayers and also recitals of the scriptures incorporated into them. The wedding planner will ensure that everything falls in place without giving any tension to the people involved in the family for arrangements.

The wedding planner is the most intelligent choice for foreigners or NRIs wanting to get their Wedding celebrations according to different customs. Weddings across the world are characterized by different formal procedures and preparation. For example a wedding custom adopted by a number of cultures is the Western custom where the bride wears a white dress and a veil and is termed as white wedding. The most common thing across America and Europe is the ring exchange ceremony. There is a huge contrast seen between the customs when it comes to the Asian and African wedding which is totally different from the Western. Indian wedding is very well known for its glitz and pomp attached to it. Usually in this part of the world wedding is considered as a religious occasion and associated with a lot of rituals along with it. Everything is full of pomp and show along with colourful decor all over. The preparation for the occasion starts several months before after the marriage is agreed between the two parties.

Some of the weddings in this world have been conducted with so much pomp and riches that millions are spent towards the occasion. If such occasions are not backed by the wedding planner it is bound to flop.


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